Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Crockpot

Everyone says use the crockpot. The crockpot is the key to breaking open the problem of supper and supper prep.

I must be special kind of incompetent.

It is 11 o'clock. No school has been started. The toddler is not dressed. The bed is not made. The laundry has not been started. I did eat breakfast. Hurrah. I don't know if the children have.

But I have prepped the crockpot.

How is it that obliterating my entire morning is going to help the rest of my day? Please tell me it will be worth it later.


bearing said...

You need easier crockpot meals.

Here's my suggestion for next time: 3 lbs boneless skinless chicken breasts from one of those frozen bags, and 24 oz of salsa from a jar. Cook on high 4h. Serve with corn or flour tortillas and cheese or sour cream. Additional toppings like shredded lettuce optional.

Jenny said...

You are correct. This morning's recipe called for peeling and chopping sweet potatoes into half inch cubes. I was doomed to fail.

bearing said...

Try meat + Liquidy stuff + steamable veg bags + bread to start. Chopping is slow for you now; don't do it when you are short time.

mandamum said...

We like 2lb frozen boneless chicken breasts + 16oz salsa + 16oz can black beans + 16oz frozen corn cooked together, then add 1 block cream cheese about 20 min to dinner and tear chicken apart into chunks or shreds or whatever 2 forks can do to it that evening and serve over rice cooker brown rice (on timer from same time I start the slow cooker, so I don't forget it until 10 min before eating time).

I also LOVE Bearing's white bean chicken chili - could live on it in the colder weather - but the rest of my family don't care for it enough to allow me more than 1x/mo. Easy, no chopping involved.

Also - if mornings are your worst time, you might look for something you can prep most/all the evening before. I find the biggest value to be already knowing what dinner is, and having it timed to be ready when we should be eating (not being started then, threatening not to be ready until bedtime)

The Sojourner said...

I feel the same way about the crockpot. It's a lot easier to throw together some pasta when my husband finishes work in the evenings than it is to remember to get things started in advance and do so with two needy children hanging off me.

Gabriel said...

It only saves time for meals that take a while to cook.