Monday, November 3, 2014

GFLN Week 9 Nov 1st

Thanks to Melanie for hosting!

On Sunday, we spent a couple of hours at a local pumpkin patch.

On Monday, we had a long drawn out discussion about insurance and open-enrollment. The children were riveted. Or not. Actually they were told to go away. But before they were sent away we talked about moles, as in the quantity 6.02 x 10^23. It came up because before I got home from work, they were watching a Let It Go parody about chemists.

On Tuesday, the girls were at Grandma's until late working on Grace's Halloween costume. When they got back, Grace attempted to explain to me how to use a sewing pattern. I'm glad she will have some knowledge of these things and the time to practice the skill.

On Wednesday, the girls spent more time at Grandma's finishing the costume. They got home in time for supper. We had Oreos for dessert and Grace demonstrated the phases of the moon by taking bites out of her cookie. She then pulled out a diagram she had drawn for extra credit at school. I guess it was for extra credit. It said "Please Grade" at the top so I wonder if the teacher even knows it is coming. I should have taken a picture.

After supper, three of the four descended into whining and crying puddles because they are getting over illnesses.

I remembered something from last week that I thought I would drop in here since I forgot about it last week. Olivia is studying the associative property in math. She told me her teacher asked her how she would regroup the problem 9+6+1 to make it easier to solve. She told the teacher that she would regroup 9+6 to equal 15 because "I know that answer really quick" and then add 1. I thought this was hilarious especially listening to her reason out why she would do it that way. The teacher is obviously going for 9+1=10 then add 6 to make 16. But Olivia decided that 9+6 is too easy to even think about working around it.

On Thursday,  Grace had technology where she typed a poem about Halloween cheetahs. Original, of course. Olivia had art so I asked what she did. She drew a castle with mountains in the background. Grace wanted to know why she didn't set her castle on the African savannah. Olivia thought that was absurd. A castle on the savannah??!! Grace told her of course there was castles on the savannah because that's where king cheetahs live. Hardy har. She also thought it was eminently resonable because after all King Tut had a 1000 cheetahs for pets and he must have lived in a castle, right?

On Friday after school before I got home from work, they finally got around to carving the pumpkin since we've had a lot of sickness and lack of evening energy (and a lot of evening cranky). Olivia reveled in touching the pumpkin goo. We then went to my sister's house to go trick or treating because Halloween in her neighborhood is like the movies.

Saturday was recovery from the week and Halloween. I sorted through piles of girl clothes to make the season change. I loathe this job. It makes such a mess. It takes such a long time. The rest of the house is destroyed while I do it. I get to hear whining as I tell a girl to try on another piece of clothing for the umpteenth time. The educational component here is that the children learned I have a short fuse when doing this job.

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