Wednesday, February 20, 2019

The Kitchen and Sundry, Part 2

Sometimes even 15 minutes is hard. It's been a whirlwind since last I posted. Torn up floors, trashed house, travelling to get the baby out of the way. Fun times!

When last we met, you'll recall we had spurned laminate flooring because I am a snob and lived to regret it.

Fast forward, oh, about eleven years. In the summer of 2018, we had several strong storms with hail blow through and we lost shingles off the roof. After storm season was finished, we called a roofer to evaluate the roof because it seemed like the reasonable thing to do. The roofer came out and thought there was significant enough damage to make a homeowner's claim since the roof was supposed to last 30 years and was visibly breaking down after only 14. The developer of our neighborhood did not excel at roofs. They were installed poorly, not allowed to vent heat, and as a result, almost every house around us has had to prematurely replace their roof. We didn't think we were doing anything out of the ordinary.

We called the insurance who told us we could make the claim and if the adjuster decided there was not enough damage to merit a claim, we could withdraw it at no penalty to us.

This, my friends, is known as a lie.

The adjuster came out, said the roof had at least five or six years of life still in it, said we needed to replace the lost shingles, and said if the claim proceeded, it would likely be denied. Okay. Well, we tried right? We withdrew the claim and proceeded on with life, not thinking much about it.

You may wonder what in the world this has to do with the kitchen floor. Oh, it's relevant. Trust me, it's relevant.


For those of you keeping track at home, the math book was behind Sam and Marian's bedroom door where Marian threw it after getting mad that Olivia and Sam set up a Valentine card operation right in the middle of where Marian wanted to play by her bed. Olivia was trying to do math and make cards at the same time. Or something? And then nobody remembered where the book went for about five days until it was discovered on a laundry hunt. It's like this at your house too, yes?

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mandamum said...

Yes, it's like that at my house!! Toddlers, a homeschooling mother's BEST FRIEND, happy to help! Organization a specialty :)

Bummer about the lie. We had a lie from the contractor who gave us an estimate on the non-negotiable, "must be done first before we live in this house" items on the current house, and it's still haunting us. (Him: "I can fix that blown-down chain link fence so your dog can be in the supposedly fenced backyard as planned, for this miniscule amount." Us: "Really? Are you sure? We could do it ourselves, but that's exposed rock there, and we don't have the tools." Him: "No prob, no biggie, we'll just dig holes and get it done." ... Him: "Well, now that you've signed on the line and you're asking me to actually DO it, I can't without ridiculous expense because it's rock, so I'm dropping it from the list of things I'm willing to do for you." But wait, you said...????) Can't wait until it gets to the roof part of that pretend estimate.....

We're working here, way harder than we should have to, on getting the durable medical company to agree that, since we returned the supplies WE DIDN'T ORDER, and since they refunded the insurance portion of the bill, and since they TOLD US THEY'D ZEROED OUT OUR PORTION (but not when we did our part and returned the stuff and they fixed it with insurance, because that would have been reasonable, but rather when I last called to complain about the remaining balance, because this is a multi-day story arc), they should stop calling us to threaten collections. We haven't had time for the zero-balance bill copy I asked for to NOT have arrived (which I expect to happen, in time, so I can call them again and request it again...) but still, one would think their computers would be able to get the info from the zero-er to the threatener in time to avoid another threat. Also, I told the zero-er it was bad customer service to threaten people, especially when it was your fault to begin with AND collections turnover was still over 200 days away..... Off to my part of the day's fun (along with such incidentals as, oh, actually running the house and educating the kids, right?)