Monday, February 1, 2016


Friends, I have roasted a turkey. All you who host Thanksgiving, I salute you.

Update after the grand presentation: The breast was dry and overcooked. The underside was nearly raw. How that came to be, I cannot say, but there it is.

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entropy said...

Well, it looks pretty. :) I once totally overcooked the turkey for Thanksgiving. Not enough gravy in the world could help you choke it down. Also, I forgot to make stuffing....oops.

I find that the turkey is the easiest part about hosting Thanksgiving now. My aunt taught me a trick, prep your bird, put in roaster and cover tightly with several layers of foil (or the lid if you dont cook 20 pounders like me), cook for 1 hr at 350 and then OVERNIGHT (say, from 10ish to 6) at 250-275. Perfect and juicy. You could brown it that first hour if you like it that way but I don't.