Wednesday, July 22, 2015


With the date I will submit my resignation coming closer every day, I am in a strange limbo at work. The old system I have been working since I began is no longer being updated. We still need to archive off the tables, but my work in it is essentially finished. I am still waiting to be brought more fully into the maintenance of the new system. My direct supervisor was fired for reasons related to performance and I substantially have no supervisor. The person next in line up the chain of command told me I should take direction from a particular coworker until they hired a new supervisor.

There is little evidence that my coworker knows that he is supposed to be directing my work. He gave me a report to build a few weeks ago and then told me this week that the way the system is designed makes this particular report impossible to generate. We are supposed to have a meeting to talk shop, but it hasn't been scheduled yet. Right now my job responsibilities include one weekly load job which takes about 30 minutes and building a report that apparently cannot be built. That's it.

As far as I know, nobody with any decision-making power over me is any wiser to my intention to resign. Every time the subject of my work in the new system is broached, I am assured that I will soon be very much involved. Soon. I have been told soon for months. Each time I think it can't possibly be put off for any longer, it is. At base the problem is that there are certain employees who are so busy, their ability to delegate is compromised. They are so busy they can't even ask for help.

On one hand this is their own doing. I should have been highly involved with this project since the beginning but have been kept on the periphery for reasons that have never been explained. On the other hand, I probably should jump in and bang on their doors trying to offer help. I'm not. My motivation is nonexistent. I am so close to being finished I can taste it. My desire to learn an entirely new system solely from intrinsic virtue is zero.

So for now, I commute every day wondering how long this farce of a job would continue if I weren't putting an end to it. I arrive and click aimlessly around the Internet for my requisite amount of time and fight traffic all the way home. It is entirely pointless and such a bizarre situation. But I am putting an end to it. Soon. Will they be shocked? I can't imagine, but maybe. Maybe nobody knows that I sit here all day with nothing to do. I have one foot in the office and the other one firmly planted outside the door. Twenty-seven working days.


bearing said...

Giving any thought to what your exit interview will be like?

Jenny said...

I have pushed it out of my mind. I am not really sure what to do, but I will have to decide soon. The easiest way to handle it is to attribute my resignation to everyone's favorite "spending more time with the family." That's not untrue, but it surely isn't the entire story. I don't know if it is worth to go any further because I am quite sure it will all be written off anyway. So might as well leave on good terms? Being confrontational is not in my nature, but maybe I should say something more.