Saturday, February 14, 2015

Alone on Valentine's

I am spending most of today alone with the children. Dave had to leave first thing this morning and I am not sure when he will be back. My parents offered to babysit all the grandchildren for Valentine's Day so the parents could go out by themselves. Soon I will pack everyone up to go visit them at my sister's house, but I doubt I will actually leave the children with them. Where would I go?

Dave saw the opportunity for a working morning at the real estate office over a month ago. He asked if I minded if he worked on Valentine's Day morning.  I told him to go ahead so he signed himself up to work the whole morning.

After he signed up, some clients asked if he could evaluate their home today. He again asked if I minded and I gave leave. He scheduled it after his morning is shift is over.

After he scheduled the evaluation, another client with a tight time schedule asked if Dave could take him today to see a house that just came on the market. This house is underpriced and will sell quickly so today is probably the only day to get a look at it. Dave again came to me, this time very concerned because scheduling this appointment basically eliminated any evening plans we might make. I told him not to give me a second thought and do what he needed to do. He is now scheduled to spend the evening with a client.

Usually we think of Valentine's Day as a time to show love through dinners at fancy restaurants, chocolates, flowers, and cards. There are other ways to demonstrate our love. Today, I will barely see my husband. He is working. Every day he works with clients is one day closer to me coming home full time. That he is working all day today is a full demonstration of his love, of what he is willing to do for me.

Today I am spending most of Valentine's Day alone and it is the best present I have received in years.

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entropy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! Your gratitude lately is contagious. We might be moving soon to bring my dad into our house and also to be closer to one of my brothers. I am grateful that this is even a possiblity. I loved your house post since we've been evaluating house plans ad nauseum.