Sunday, January 18, 2015

I Remember When I Used To Remember

On Thursday night I went to a church thing and brought the Girl Scout cookie order form to hawk some cookies. A few people ordered some boxes. One person gave me cash and another wrote me a check. I put all the materials back into the file folder I brought them in and drove home.
As I drive home, I glance into the folder and don't see the money. I think that is odd, but it is dark and I figure I would find it when I get home. I get home and take a good look through the file folder. The money is not there at all. I am less than pleased and say unpleasant things.
I wonder what I should do. We are definitely going to have to eat the cash, but if I call the woman who wrote the check, will she still want the cookies or will she just cancel the check? I am not looking forward to admitting that I lost her check within minutes of her writing it. I decide to call the church office on Friday and see if it is laying around. The office hours at church are 10-2.
When I get to work in the morning, I want to make the call immediately but have to wait. I hope to call as soon as possible so perhaps she can look in the parking lot before too many people drive through, although I expect that if it was in the parking lot, it has probably been picked up or blown away. I promptly forget. It doesn't spring to mind again until 220. I call, desperate that someone might pick up. Nobody does.
In desperation I tell my sister about my conundrum and ask if she will go to the church and look around the parking lot. She said she will after the baby's nap. I feel bad that I have sent her on such a hopeless errand with children in tow, but I won't be in the area again until after dark which would be a really hopeless errand. I decide to put it out of my mind since I have done what I can do. If it is still in the church building, it would still be there on Sunday. Now I have to wait for the chips to fall where they may.
On Saturday I spend a lovely afternoon out. I took Dave's smartphone since it had the better camera on it. I get home in the evening and see my cell phone sitting on the table. Dave had gotten it out to send a text. I pick the phone up to return it to my little holding case which is in my dresser. I open the drawer, pick up the case, and open it to put the phone back into it, and there in the case is the cash and the check.
I completely forgot where I put the money for safekeeping within ten minutes of doing it and still have no direct recollection, but I must have done it because there it was. All is well again. I used to have a short term memory.

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